The following are comments and brief testimonials submitted by people whom have attended TEC!

My experience at TEC really opened my eyes to the love Jesus Christ has for me, in all it’s wonderful manifestations.  
-Chris Sturm (RB 229)

TEC to me meant I wasn’t alone with all my burdens – that God was with me all the time telling me he could lighten my load and help me thru what was to come. TEC sent me on a journey to deepen my Faith to find inner peace.  
-Elizabeth Raney (RB 193)

I made TEC back in 1983, and it has been the single most influential decision of my faith journey. Some 30 years later I continue to be inspired on each TEC weekend I take part in. I see much hope for our Church in the young people that are so full of faith and devoted to our Lord in the Eucharist.   
-Elaine Neumann Kahle (RB 40)

Without attending TEC, I could honestly not know where I would be. My relationship with Christ deepened, I became more responsive to the Holy Spirit, and God placed some great people in my path through TEC that inspired me to respond to a vocation from which I was running. Thank God!  
-Fr. Todd Petersen (RB 86)

Going to TEC meant a lot for me. I wasn’t close to God at all. I went to Church but I never enjoyed it! My parents told me that I was making my first TEC! I attended with a couple of my friends and I was so nervous but as the weekend went on I got more comfortable and met a lot of nice people! That weekend changed my relationship with God so much! I could feel He wanted to have a relationship with me. Let me just say that TEC changed my life and I am more appreciate of God now.  
-Kari Polman (RB 242)

When I attended TEC I was 34 years old, had been married for 14 years and had three children. I grew up in a home that did not show love or share faith. During that TEC was the first time in my life that I felt the unconditional love of God. It was powerful and helped change the direction of my life.
-Deborah Starkey Dack (RB 110)

A key to maintaining Spiritual Elevation is being in the presence of people who are Spiritually Uplifting. God works through us to others, and through others to us. Thus, we need one another! TEC is filled with Spiritually Uplifting people and that is just one of the many reasons I am thankful I attended TEC!
-Craig Soupir (RB 134)