What is FIAT?

Many Tecites have heard some talk about FIAT.  The word “Fiat” means, “yes your will be done.”  FIAT is described below.

F is for faith, fun and focus:    It is fun to get together with other Tecites for a relaxing, low key, de-pressurized weekend where we seek to continue growing in our faith. It is a time to focus on God’s will in my life – How do I discern this?How have I said “yes” to God in imitation of Mary? The team will guide us in this process.

I is for intimacy and interaction:   We seek intimacy with Christ through recognition of our need for him to be the central focus of our daily lives. Interaction occurs because FIAT offers us an opportunity to take a look inside ourselves, to reflect, and to share with others about our response to God. Our interaction and intimacy are most fully developed and lived out within the community we call the Church.

A is for asking and action:   Jesus is present with us always. We know we must ask Christ into our lives. He waits for our invitation. We will grow in faith only as we ask and seek.We will be challenged on FIAT to take action and put Christ at the center of all we do. We will also be challenged to show that he lives in us making our daily lives an example of faith, love, and service.

T is for time away and talents:  We all need time away from our busy schedules and complicated lives. FIAT is an oasis of time for us to be with Christ as we listen, share and continue to discern what Christ wants us to say “yes” to. Often we find him acknowledging our talents and supporting us as we stretch ourselves to use our gifts in his honor.  Having reflected on our struggles and faith experiences, those who share FIAT with us can become special support people. They encourage us when it seems easier not to push ourselves or when the journey seems unforgiving. They rejoice with us as we more fully say to God, “Be it done unto me according to your will.”


Who can attend FIAT?

It is a follow-up retreat experience open to those who have already participated in a Riverbend TEC or TEC at another affiliated TEC center. Participants also must be a minimum age of 18

It is a shorter length retreat experience and has a smaller team and number of participants. FIAT is held at St Aloysius Catholic Church at 302 S 10th St in Olivia


What does it cost?

Fiat costs $45.00. Team pays $45.00.

How long does the FIAT retreat last?

FIAT begins on Saturday morning with registration at 10:00am and ends on Sunday afternoon at 2:30pm