Leadership Application

If you feel called to work on leadership for an upcoming TEC weekend, you may fill out the online application and submit it electronically below.

Riverbend TEC Retreat Schedule

TEC RetreatDatesLocation
278October 22-24, 2021Bird Island
279February 19 – 21, 2022Winsted
280June 25-27, 2022Marshall

Leadership Application

For couples, each person needs to fill out an application form.

format (mm/dd/yyyy)
format: (555)555-5555

Fill in your preferences for leadership positions (LD, ALD, SD, ASD, MD, GD, WD, AWD, WSD, AWSD)

Indicate any TECite(s) with experience in working various teams and positions on Riverbend TEC's that could move into a leadership position.
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