Affiliation and Leadership

Riverbend TEC is affiliated with the National TEC Conference and operates in collaboration with the Diocese of New Ulm, Office of Youth & Young Adult Ministry.

Leadership for Riverbend TEC is provided by a Coordinator who works closely with an advisory council consisting of a priest as well as youth and adults who have been involved in TEC. The council meets monthly to facilitate and guide the program. Fr. Dennis Labat has served as coordinator of Riverbend TEC since RB16 in January 1980.

Riverbend TEC Council 
Note: Last Updated: 12 October 2016
Region 8 TEC Coordinator
Marie RiceEmail Marie
TEC Province (Minnesota) Representative
Brett MathiowetzEmail Brett
Riverbend TEC Coordinator
Fr. Dennis LabatEmail Fr. Dennis
Riverbend TEC Young Adult Representatives
Riverbend TEC Adult Representatives
John/Ruthann HansonEmail John/Ruthann
Pam LokenEmail Pam
Katie LokenEmail Katie
Fr. Andy MichelsEmail Fr. Andy
Justin ProkoschEmail Justin
Katie ProkoschEmail Katie
Alex RohlikEmail Alex
Michelle SchermannEmail Michelle
Eric SoupirEmail Eric
Jeremy SutherlandEmail Jeremy

Riverbend TEC is continuously seeking inspired youth and adults of all ages to serve on the Riverbend TEC council. Of course, leadership roles within Riverbend TEC are not limited to the council. Riverbend TEC actively nourishes the next generation of TEC leaders whom are relied on to evangelize as well as contribute various roles during TEC retreats. To accomodate this goal, Riverbend TEC holds a leadership training program each year to help individuals understand and develop their unique gifts, and most importantly provides encouragement toward how such gifts can better serve our Lord through TEC and beyond.

If you are interested in serving on the council or if you would like more information about the Riverbend TEC leadership development program please contact Riverbend TEC today!